Reco: Kirsten’s listening to …

Because I have two little gobblers[1] at home and I haven’t had a steady diet of anything but organic cereal bars for the last eightish years, when I go searching for new things to listen to/read/watch, I’m more often than not “discovering” something that is in actuality several years old. Such is the case with Something Was Wrong, which came out in late 2019.

I gave it a try because, well, the name reminded me of There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane, and I was immediately hooked. I listened to a couple of eps and started texting my friends telling them they had to check it out. Everyone (okay, Andrew and one other friend) was like, “Whoa! I’m in it!!” And an epic asynchronous listening party was born.

I don’t want to give away too much because going in with a blank slate and letting it unfold in its own time are big parts of what I loved about it. The trickle of information, building suspense. What I can say is that it’s set in the Sacramento area (very near where I used to live and work) and is about a young woman named Sara and her relationship with a guy they call Dick. And something was, indeed, wrong.

Because it’s a slow burn and not densely packed with information you have to recall later in order to follow what’s happening, it’s a great pod for when you are doing something else and have less than 100% focus.  

7/10 rock horns  ??????????????


[1] Gobblers is my punny way of saying kids. Foul, fowl. Get it? Yeah, I have kids. Little time-sucking sunbeams, who turn my brain to mush and— in my Life of Walter Mitty alternate reality—run around making gobbling sounds, thus the nickname.